The Renegade 12U travel baseball team were volunteer buddies playing Buddy Ball. Buddy Ball is a non-profit, special needs athletic league providing an opportunity to play sports, regardless of their disabilities.. There the Renegades played a fun and friendly game of baseball. With the teams sporting local fan favorites, the Cubs verse the Sox took the field to play a full game. A pair of Renegades stayed with their buddy throughout the game to lend a hand in getting base hits and running the bases. They also helped their buddy understand the game. The baseball game was recreated in a way so no matter what the abilities of the athlete, they are able to participate. Which helped make sure everyone had fun playing on the ball field. And in the end, everyone lined up to congratulate each other and give high-fives. 

If you’re looking for a fun non-profit to help, there isn’t one better than Buddy Ball. Contact Buddy Ball Special Needs Athletic League to learn more about participating as an athlete, a volunteer or a sponsor, or to make a donation. You can visit their website at or call 931.624.7253.