Bob Ugel

Bob Ugel

Coach Bob Ugel

Coach Ugel, founder of the Renegades Baseball organization, has been coaching since 1988. Bob has been on the staff of several notable college and high school baseball coaching staffs including Concordia, New Trier, Notre Dame, Loyola, Holy Cross, and Eisenhower.

His educational and professional background includes over 20 years as a high school counselor and 7 years in the classroom teaching math. In addition, Bob has earned 3 Master’s degrees in School Counseling, Sports Counseling, and Educational Leadership. This gives him a unique ability in dealing with the motivation and development of athletes and in helping guide the development of outstanding young men. And, as an active NCAA and IHSA Certified Official (Baseball and Basketball), Bob brings the perspective of impartiality, professionalism and “playing by the rules” to his coaching and teaching styles; not to mention his passion and in-depth knowledge of the game.

Bob is a believer in continuous active learning –  for everyone involved in baseball from players, to coaches to umpires. To that end, he is active in a number of baseball coaches’ instructional organizations including the IHSBCA, the ABCA (collegiate) and the BCA (high school). He is a Member of and a Certified Pitching Coach by the National Pitching Association chaired by Dr. Tom House; an Inner Circle Member of Pitching Central led by Ron Wolforth; a member of the National Pitching Academy and the Academy for Sports Leadership; and a member of the National High School Coaches’ Association. He is a Pitching Insider with the National Pitching Rebels and an inner circle member of the Hitting is a Guess Academy chaired by Pro Hitting guru Perry Husband.

In the off-season, when he is not officiating at a college or high school basketball game, Bob can usually be found working with players instructing them on the finer points of pitching, hitting and physical conditioning.


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