Reasons To Play

Reasons To Play

Renegades Baseball — Helping Baseball Players Become Class Athletes

1. Coaching Staff

Dedicated volunteer, non-parent head coaches bring over 50 years of youth, travel, high school and college baseball coaching experience.

2. Play Competitive Travel Baseball

We seek the BEST competition possible in league play and tournaments, both in the Chicagoland area and out of state.

3. Focus On Fundamentals

Fielding. Throwing. Pitching. Hitting. Base running. Base stealing. Defensive alignment. Bunting. Offensive and Defensive Strategy. Player responsibilities. Develop an understanding of the subtleties and nuances of the game.

4. Baseball As Preparation For The Game Of Life

Players become class athletes by striving for excellence in their skills and their character. They have a healthy respect for the game, officials, coaches, teammates, and the competition. Teamwork is essential. Personal improvement is the ultimate goal, over any athletic feat on the field, statistic, or final score.

5. Overall Player Experience

“This season was the bomb. This season was awesome. This season represented everything that was good. I am constantly still recalling moments from this unforgettable season.”

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6. Overall Parent Experience

“The Renegades experience was unique. Once a Renegades parent, always a Renegades parent.”

Strong Parent Involvement

7. Become A Part Of A Rich Baseball Heritage

Renegades Baseball is in its 27th year, with over 280 alumni, virtually all having played high school baseball, and many having played college ball and some beyond.

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8. Long Distance Tournament Play

Annual 10-12 day bus trip gives players the experience of playing competitive teams from other states and experiencing parts of the country they may not otherwise.

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9. Top Notch Facilities

Renegades Field- Maryville Academy is our dedicated field. The fact that we have our own field means there are little to no scheduling conflicts to contend with for practices and home games. There are two fields, which enables collaboration between different team levels and families. We’re also well-equipped with practice equipment.

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10. Lasting Impact

Players who successfully finish the program will have honed their skills for high school baseball and strengthened their character. This will serve them well in athletics, academics, and all their future endeavors.

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