You can feel and hear the winds of change. As the promising dings of the aluminum bats ring out in hitting drills, other players work on mechanics and throwing. The indoor facility is full with players, coaches, instructors, parents, and best of all, anticipation. 

The teams have been coming together at Level Up in Niles. Pairs of players use all eight batting cages, working on various hitting drills and techniques. Each drill works on specific motions and techniques in order for the mechanics of their swings to be flawless. They progress together and go into the next cage to further the hitting techniques. Each drill works into the next and everything comes together in the final batting cage where they are hitting from a pitching machine. 

Each practice isn’t spent only on hitting, but also working on fielding, pitching, catching and perhaps most importantly, bonding. Friendships, camaraderie and development happen in between each drill. Each pair of players help each other, and get to know each other. The players are driven by personal and team goals, eager to start practicing and develop into their full potential. Players also work on their pitching mechanics developing proper throwing, motion and stride. Which all comes together in the drill of throwing at location targets.

The indoor practices develop their strength, form and confidence. All to bring them to their full potential. The facility, coaching, families, excitement, and all-around positive experience translates to real-life success both on and off the field.

Level Up Baseball Academy exists to challenge all players to grow in knowledge of the game as well as ability, all while developing strong character, interpersonal skills, and leadership. For cage rentals and a variety of baseball and softball camps, clinics, leagues and private lessons for all skill levels and ages, visit