Winter training has begun at TCBOOST Sports Performance to build more well-rounded class athletes. The teams bonded together to kick off the year and develop the foundation for the coming season. The group receives age-appropriate coaching from experienced instructors in order to develop skills physically and mentally. They work on speed, agility and strength drills.

The players are introduced to the basics in a safe and fun environment. “We’ve been doing a lot of speed training.” Said Owen, #15. “It’s like running to first base but timed.” Speed is a great differentiator so the players improve sprinting technique, coordination, and balance. This improves their performance potentials, but it will also help to reduce injury now and in the future.

Each practice is a chance for old and new players to come together as a team. The new players start learning the ways of the Renegade program and the dedication it takes. Everyone is enjoying coming together and building a foundation for the season.