Niles Youth Travel Baseball Program

Niles boys looking for the best 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U travel baseball program should try out for the Renegades. Niles is the original town where the Renegades teams played. There are still many alumni in the area. This well-respected travel baseball team has been around twice longer than other area travel baseball programs for youth. It ranks alongside Illinois’ best travel baseball. The Renegades have the advantage of having their own travel baseball facilities and fields and dedicated coaches.

You might be surprised to learn what makes the Renegades youth travel baseball program different from other travel baseball teams near you. Your boys will benefit on and off the field from training that helps them become class athletes. Class athletes build skills through practice and attain a stronger character through sport. Touting decades of experience from the high school and collegiate level, dedicated coaches help class athletes become more skillful and knowledgeable about the game. The skills and attitude learned will impress the coaches of a high school baseball team or the team of another sport. Boys who complete the Renegades program will have a great chance to reach excellence in high school baseball, in the classroom, and in their future.

Players interested in joining a Competitive Travel baseball program will find what they’re looking for in the Renegades. They will build well-rounded skills, shape their character development, and gain a better understanding of the game on the way to becoming a class athlete. Sign up for a scheduled tryout for travel baseball or talk to coaches and parents whose child is already on the team. Follow your competitive spirit and your dedication to become a class athlete.

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