What the Season Meant to Me … In the Words of the Kids

“When I try to think of a theme or an idea to associate with this past season, the first thing that comes to mind is change. Playing for the Renegades changed my life. “

“This season was the bomb. This season was awesome. This season represented everything that was good. I am constantly still recalling moments from this unforgettable season.”

“Renegades Baseball is a well-respected organization. When I put on the Renegades colors I know I am representing not only my team, and my coaches, but also future a past alumni who have built up the Renegade name.”

“The season to me was learning experience. I learned about baseball and what class means. The things I learned about baseball give me a definite edge over the other kids in high school.”

“Off the field we also were great. I didn’t know anyone on the team in the beginning, and during the end of the season we were best of friends.”

“The most helpful thing that I learned was responsibility. Coach Ugel taught us to be responsible young men by pushing us to be honest, strive for excellence, and teaching us that more often than not, we will suffer the consequences of our own actions.”

“The season also brought out change in me: physical change and mental change. It changed me mentally by giving me knowledge of the game, responsibility, confidence, and dedication to the game of baseball. ”

“I wish I would have joined the team earlier and had a chance to play on Renegades a lot longer. ”

“I thought this season made me a much better ball player than I ever was before. If I never played on the Renegades I would have never of been this good. ”

“This season meant a lot to me in many ways. This season, to me, meant a lot about leadership, discipline, the ability to improve, and the ability to change your bad things that aren’t working well for you.”

“Leadership is one of the key elements to a team. It meant a lot to me this year. Leadership has a major impact on the success of the team.”

” It meant fun, friendship, success, teamwork, and what I think is the most important new given maturity. This has now taken the place for me as my favorite and most productive year of baseball.”

“I learned how to be more discipline, to be a smarter base runner, to hustle at all times, the different kinds of bunt situations, and a whole lot more.”

“This season was a time when 14 people came together and united as a team. Our experiences this summer off the field will stay with me for many years. This team has meant a lot to me.”

“This season meant a lot to me, both on and off the field. My relationship with the players and coaches was great. Whether it was on the field or in a hotel, our team would always stick together and never give up. I wish every one of my sports teams could be like this. It was the best two years of my life.”

“I enjoyed all of the things we did as a team, on and off the field: the movies, the games, the wins, and the losses. Everything was fun. I never really felt pressured; I just did what I could. I loved playing for the Renegades because of all the experiences with friends and with baseball.”

“This season alone, I learned more about baseball than all of my prior years added together. It was a very enjoyable year.”